The Dent 1 brings a strong base for 3D printing to your dental business. It's designed and manufactured to fit accurately in dental industry. Its precession, speed, and affordability makes it the first choice for dental practices and labs.

Open to third Party resin
USB, Wifi, Ethernet
Full HD light processing
Z layer accuracy 25 micrometer

XY Resolution: 50 um

Capable of printing the finest details like supplemental groves with the highest resolution

Z Layer Thickness: 25 um

Results in high quality surface finish

Build Volume: 11x6x15 Cm

Give the capacity to print up to four models in the same print which save time

Speed: 3 cm per 1 hour

It prints up to 4 models in only 1 hour, giving you the most efficient 3D printing Experience

File Type: STL, OBJ, AMF

Open to any 3D software extension

Software support

Software support: Auto Support Generation, printing layer thickness print orientation& printing speed

Dent1 Package

With Professional desktop 3D Printer we provide you with the following items

After-sales service

on-time customer support, through on call maintenance by engineers who developed the technology and designed the machine for preventive maintenance and periodical follow-up. In addition, we provide printing Material with 2 days lead time. Also the printer is enabled for third party resin in case you would like to order your own material.

Customer training

orientation for professional use of the machine operations and various 3D software that allow the user to save time and printing materials.

About Us

In 2013 our research dentists and engineers team have emerged from the heart of the American University in Cairo with the aim to demolish all barriers that face the 3D printing in digital dentistry to enable Dentists to self-customize and produce their own 3D products with affordable price and high quality to promote innovation in digital dentistry. After years of research and development and testing we have launched Dent1 in Feb. 2017 to be the most affordable DLP 3D printer ever created to fit accurately in digital dentistry industry.

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